Discover Your Voice in Nature​​​​​​​

SoundByNature experiences combine music, wellness and love for nature.

With more space around us, also our inner space expands. Photo: Petra Roth
From Noise to a Voice
Have you called across the sleeping lake and heard your voice echoing from the backwoods? Or hollered from the top of the mountain filling the valleys with your sound? Belted out your favorite tunes from the bottom of your lungs while driving an empty highway? Given a fantastically sounding one-man show in the loneliness of your bathroom while taking a shower?

How would you like to be able to have that same freedom next time you give a talk / sing a song / play a tune in front of an audience?

SoundByNature® creates a culture that leads you into a conscious relationship with your authentic expression and sound. ​​​​​​​
Even simulated natural environments can reduce stress within minutes
We train through the lens of the natural world by using simple yet powerful skills and practices for deeper understanding of the body, presence and presentation.
We utilize a wide variety of modern technologies, performance training and wellness practices so we are able to meet each person where they are.
Nature Oriented Voice and Performance Training succesfully combines academic competense with experiental practice and emotional intelligence.
Our training is based on scientific research and over 20 years of internationally acknowledged practical work in the fields of voice and performance studies.

Nature singing on the water in Nuuksio, Finland with Eppu Blomqvist. Photo: Petra Roth

Better Together 
Our partners are an important part of our being. We are thrilled to have been able to build collaborations with innovative organizations that thrive for excellence in their own areas from international trade to guest houses in the furthest part of Finnish Lapland. 
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