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SoundByNature® strengthens voices for a better connection by combining nature and musical experiences.

Photo: Forest Sound Walk in Sisimiut, Greenland
More than ordinary singing lessons or nature walks  - We combined them to enhance both!
What connects the movement of the sun to the beating of our hearts? They both have a pulse. Our body vibrates, and the vibration produces sound. Through sound, we can enhance health in our lives, affecting our overall well-being not just physically but also emotionally.
SoundByNature experiences are based on our Nature Oriented Voice and Performance Training® program

Developed to enhance your physical and inner voice, our workshops are based on scientific studies and led by instructors with an average of 10-15 years of experience. Located in Finland, Northern Europe, we hold excursions within the Arctic Circle and worldwide, finding locations that provide natural beauty and solitude.
Groups are kept small to allow all participants to receive individual attention. We also hold private workshops for teams and individuals, both in-person and online.
Strenghtening individual voices for a better connection
Singing is a way for us to caress ourselves from the inside out. Breathing opens the pathway to our body and mind. The voice connects us with ourselves and with others. Sustainable creative voice training responds to one's present needs without compromising future resources. Our workshops support the development of individual sound and expression while maintaining vitality and well-being.

SoundByNature's founder Sanni Orasmaa is an internationally performing artist and one of Europe's most innovative vocal pedagogues.

Why nature orientation in voice and performance training?

We know nature. And because of its familiarity, nature appears to us as a supportive, secure environment where we have space and security to explore and develop our presence. Read more about the science behind SoundByNature.

SoundByNature's experiences occur both in natural and virtual environments. We use virtual elements as a tool for exploring personal space and presence. This allows us to experience the restoring effects of nature also where the natural nature connection is not possible, in city environments, classrooms, and workplaces.

Video made possible by ARCTISEN -  Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Arctic.

SoundByNature cooperates with the National Finnish Forest Services Metsähallitus and has been an associated partner of the project ARCTISEN -  Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Arctic during the years 2018-2021. 
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