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SoundByNature® strengthens voices for a better connection by combining nature and musical experiences.

Based in Finland, Northern Europe, SoundByNature services are available internationally at custom locations.
Our primary locations are the Nuuksio & Meiko Nature Preserves and our premises in Suomusjärvi, all within an hour's drive from Helsinki. Vaskon Hiljainen lodge by the river Anarjohka, close to the village Áŋŋel, is our home away from home in the very Northern part of Finnish Lapland.

We currently offer:
Retreats (Overnight immersive indoor and outdoor experiences)
Courses (1 to 3-day events with specific themes, no accommodation included)
Forest Sound Walks (90min to 3-hour outdoor experiences that may begin and end indoors)
Custom lectures, concerts, and workshops
SoundByNature Helsinki - The nature next door
Our Helsinki City location in Ullanlinna is the starting point for Forest Sound Walks in the city surroundings. Here we breathe along with the sea wind and hum with the trees at the oldest park in Helsinki, during open water also in Vartiosaari and Pihlajasaari, two islands only a short ferry ride from the shore. The breathtaking archipelago is right at your fingertips.

Group size for activities: 2-25
Your bridge to forest - Excursions to the Meiko Nature Reserve and Nuuksio National Park
You can book a SoundByNature activity as part of your day in Haltia Nature Centre. Indoors, outdoors or both, in the beautiful nature of the Nuuksio National Park. SoundByNature program in Haltia is available from 90min to a day.
SoundByNature co operates with Metsähallitus. We hold a taxi service license for the rides between city locations and nature areas and carry an advanced Red Cross First Aid Certificate (EA2). Please make sure that your insurance covers the excursions.
Group size for activities per one guide: 2-12
Musical moments in a home-like environment in Foresters House Mustikkarinne
Situated between Helsinki and Turku, only 15min drive from the E18 highway's exit 19, our musical forest farm Mustikkarinne is an easy-to-reach wilderness oasis away from the national parks' traffic jams. Experience the Northern nature on our private property, listen, learn, or simply breathe.
Group size for in-house visits: 2-6
Groups size for outdoors & indoor hall visits: 2-60
Retreats and Workshops in Northen Lapland
Welcome to Sápmi - Welcome to Lapland. We love our quiet neighborhood in the North and are thrilled to be able to share our experience with you!
Our retreats include nature singing, nature oriented voice and performance training, nature excursions, and quiet time. Individual coaching is available upon request. We also have visiting lecturers from the area who lead us to the local culture.
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