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SoundByNature experiences combine music, well-being and love for nature with 25 years of expertise.

We are SoundByNature
For over 25 years, SoundByNature founder Sanni Orasmaa has brought sustainably creative performance training within reach. SoundBNature is an evidence-based coaching company, helping performers and professionals achieve sustainable performance success. Driven by science and guided by people, our model is tested and proven both in the community and performing arts environments.
What we do
We present individual training, workshops and curated performances by local and international experts and artists in a naturally inviting environment.
Why we do it
We feel that the current state of collective consciousness is not supporting the individual enough. We want to strengthen individual voices and soften boundaries by bringing artists and people together through different artistic forms, emphasising unique approach and nature. We believe education and music are vehicles for implementing our message to the world.
Where we do it
Our network spans globally and is ready to help you, where ever you are.  Based in Suomusjärvi, Finland, with a work space in Espoo, we are not limited to a specific location and meet events and audiences around the globe.
How our story began
Our model originates from singer, lecturer Sanni Orasmaa, MA. As a jazz singer in New York City to working with European Academic institutions and community out reach programs internationally, she found two things. That creative performance is built on a foundation of individual wellbeing. And that wellbeing is built on safe environment. The key aspects of the performance – performer, ensemble, audience, space – must move and interact in balance. Two decades later, her model continue to inspire participants in arts and community to great achievement.

Our network of experts
The diverse professionals co-operating with SoundByNature are united by a passion for better connection and more sustainable performance. We form a global network of experts from performing arts science, health, forest therapy, and psychology to organisational wellbeing.
Rooted in science
Who do you trust? Where do you find information? The pile of advice on human wellbeing and performance can be overwhelming. Our program is backed by a network of research partners who are scientists with considerable experience in their chosen field. All our services are built on a base of evidence.
Enhance the process, not perfection.
From the streets of NYC to the hills of Northern Lapland and Greenland – the story of SoundByNature spans over cultures and continents.
Join us
Coach Certification
Beacome a certified Luontolaulu® - Nature Singing coach.
Join us to further craft your coaching skills.
As featured in
Sanni Orasmaa
Based in NYC 2000-2007 and later in Helsinki and Espoo, SoundByNature founder Sanni Orasmaa moved to Suomusjärvi in 2019. Since 2000 she has performed, toured and recorded with artists such as Charlie Hunter – Bobby Previte Duo, Kirk Nurock’s “Cross-Species” Ensemble, the Swiss composer George Gruntz’s jazz opera “Magic of a Flute” and many others. She has been featured in NPR’s Jazz Set program, then hosted by Branford Marsalis, and was profiled by PRI’s Jazz Smithsonian in the documentary series “The Jazz Singers”, hosted by Al Jarreau.
In 2011 Sanni founded Sanni Productions and later SoundByNature through which she currently produces, promotes and markets her music and writing. The latest projects are the recording “Seasons”, and the books “Luonnon aika” and “Luontolaulu” (produced together with Metsäkustannus / Karttakeskus), which bring the act of singing performance closer to nature.
Collaborative partnerships
Metsähallitus - the Finnish Forest Administration
Metsähallitus is a state-owned enterprise that produces environmental services for a diverse customer base; ranging from private individuals to major companies. They sustainably use, manage, and protect state-owned land and water areas. SoundByNature is partnering with Metsähallitus in Vallisaari, Nuuksio. Meiko, Porkkala, UKK and Muotkatunturi Wilderness Areas.
Green Care Finland
Green Care Finland works to coordinate, develop and promote the use of nature and animal assisted methods in combination with wellbeing and health services in Finland.
Helsinki Marketing
Helsinki city marketing activities are executed by Helsinki Marketing, Ltd. in cooperation with Economic Development. The company's activities cover travel, convention, event and economic marketing; tourist information; event production; and partnerships with other companies and actors in the said fields.
Inari-Saariselkä Tourism Ltd in North Lapland region is a destination management organisation, which works in close collaboration with 100 tourism companies and the municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki, the state-owned forest management company Metsähallitus, and other stakeholders.
Vaskon Hiljainen
Vaskon Hiljainen Oy is a small tourist company owned by Seppo Jyrkilä. Vaskon Hiljainen is located in Inari, Lapland of Finland. The company offers accommodation, transporting, car rental and trips to the nature in Inari and Angeli.
The project ‘Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Arctic’ – ARCTISEN – develops a support system for start-ups and existing small and medium-sized enterprises offering innovative tourism products and services in the Arctic. 
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